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剛發現ROACH也同我一樣把刷i5700刷了Android 2.2.1。
I5700刷CyanogenMod上Android 2.2.1

想刷Android 2.2的朋友,我建議去http://samsungfw.wordpress.com/
而不是一般人介紹的Samdroid Forum,因為後者有點亂……samsungfw就清晰得多
現時的SamdroidMod 2.0.1.alpha.8.5CyanogenMod-6.1.0-Spica-alpha8都只是alpha
還不是Beta或者Release Candidate,即是尚有buggy和不穩定的地方。



附上Samdroid Forum上提到兩個Mod的bug list:

CyanogenMod-6.1.0-Spica-alpha8 – Discussion/Feedback/Bug reports

  • Adobe Flash 10 (not Flash lite) does not work because it is not supported by the Spica.
  • “White textures” in Angry Birds is game bug.
  • Accelerometer is a bit off and at times freeze screen in one orientation (usually horizontal), reboot resets.
  • Sometimes after booting the phone doesn’t pick up a carrier just saying No service, and since the above is in effect the only thing to correct it is to boot again.
  • IMEI is zero sometimes and in that case, please turn off the phone, remove sim and battery for about 2-5 minutes, put them back in again and reboot. Also try to take a logcat on the next boot as no one has been able to recreate this problem. If the IMEI shows zero even after reboot, repeat the process.
  • If system or data is on ext then there are some problems while booting and a clear dalvik or factory reset is required.
  • Youtube does not work in HQ mode.
  • Bluetooth looses connection with carkit – CyanogenMod-6.1.0-RC1-Spica-alpha7.3 – Discussion/Feedback/Bug reports
  • USSD codes do not work if you update from previous alpha – require a factory reset for USSD codes to work

SamdroidMod 2.0.1.alpha.8.5 – Froyo [AOSP] for i5700 – Discussion

  • Youtube HQ does not work.
  • Compass is not perfect.
  • Divx Playback not supported.
  • plug in headset icon not showing also in 8.5.
  • Wi-fi teether is not supported
  • Some apps have problem gaining root access – fix SamdroidMod 2.0.1.alpha.8.5 – Froyo [AOSP] for i5700 – Discussion
  • incall audio not routed to bluetooth headset or to speakerphone
  • Strange bugs: ##1
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