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Dropbox Automator

Dropbox Automator,自動對指定Dropbox的檔案執行特定指令。

Engadget: Dropbox Automator triggers monotonous tasks with the uploading of a file
ifanr: Dropbox Automator:一个针对 Dropbox 的 IFTTT 工具

Dropbox Automator提到的全部指令一覽:

  • Documents
    • Convert to PDF
    • Summarize
    • Translate
    • PDF to TXT
    • Upload to Google Docs
    • Upload to Slideshare
    • Sign PDF (electronic signature)
  • Pictures
    • Upload to Facebook
    • Upload to Flickr
    • Downscale
    • Rotate image
    • Write text on image
    • Photo effect
    • Stamp a logo on the image
    • Stamp a map on the image
    • Stamp a “dislike” on the image
  • Any file
    • email
    • Zip file
    • Save it to another Dropbox-folder
    • Rename
    • Upload to FTP-Server
    • Encrypt file
    • Decrypt file
  • Send info
    • Tweet
    • Set Facebook status file



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