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Sample Questions:

Question One

Candidates are required to complete a task in English. For illustration purpose, a sample task is shown below.
Sample Question

Case Background

The Republic of Southorn is a small country in the Asian Pacific region. It is the Southorn Government’s policy to promote technology development and to become the technology hub of the region. Various measures are being planned, including the establishment of a Technology Promotion Fund, the setting up of a New Technology Development Centre, the provision of additional resources for universities to train technologists and to carry out researches, relaxation of immigration criteria for overseas technologists, etc.
Recently, the US-based AeroTop Incorporation proposed to the Government to develop an “Aero City” for advanced aviation-related components production plants and other related industries. The company claims to possess the world’s leading technologies in aeronautics and aviation-related design and production. It undertakes to bring in these state-of-the-art technologies to Southorn exclusively. However, it wants the Southorn Government to provide (a) matching investment, (b) 60 hectares of free land with water frontage, and (c) tax holidays for ten years. In the meantime, Yanlian and Tana, two of Southorn’s neighbouring countries, have openly indicated their interest in the same field of development.

Your Task

You are the officer responsible for promoting technology investment. Please draft a discussion paper for the Prime Minister’s Investment Project Evaluation Group, setting out the pros and cons of the Aero City project, the likely impact that it would bring about to Southorn, the implications of the proponent’s requests, and all other relevant considerations. You also need to set out your recommendations with arguments and the actions your government should take.



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