=====My Teacher is a Demon(Training Event)=====

My Teacher is a Demon(Training Event)

●Main reward: HUGE  EXP from LIMTIED BOSSES
●TRAIN every 30 minutes (Assuming 300 Max Training Pts)
●FIGHT every BOSS for EXP, leave the last battle with LIMITED BOSS to your unit and it will level up quickly
●In the last battle, remember to have 6 allies to maximize the EXP and AS

○Info: 35,000,000HP Water Melee(B)/Missile(C)/Magic(B) 3hr=36Attempts
○Rewards(6Allies): 9900BT+2000AS+65000EXP
○Estimate: your strongest unit should deal at least 880000 damage to finish it off in 3hr without allies
●LIMITED BOSS Devil(100LV): Air Melee(A)/Missile(C)/Magic(D) 1hr 3Allies:0BT+3500AS+26500EXP

○My strongest unit Krene deals 1.6M damage each time, it takes 22 attempts or 1hr 50min to finish it off without any allies
○With assists from allies, it takes around 1hr to finish it off (NOTE:ALLIES ARE VERY IMORTANT IN THIS GAME)
○I leave the last battle to a fresh Apsara. It takes around 8 Barbaras to level up it to Max Level Break.
1st Barbaras: from LV1 to LV49 (+49LV),
2nd Barbaras: from LV49 to LV67 (+18LV),
3rd Barbaras: from LV67 to LV80 (+13LV),
4th Barbaras: from LV80 to LV91 (+11LV),
5th Barbaras: from LV91 to LV99 (+8LV),
6th Barbaras: from LV99 to LV106 (+7LV),
7th Barbaras: from LV106 to LV112 (+6LV),
8th Barbaras: from LV112 to LV117 (+5LV).
(I level it up with a Goddess for the last 3 levels)

○6* = 600,000AS = 300 Barbara = 25 Barbara * 12 days / Rank 350↑
○5* = 200,000AS = 100 Barbara = 8 Barbara * 12 days / Rank 1500↑ (Estimate)
○4* = 40,000AS = 20 Barbara = 1.67 Barbara * 12 days / Rank 8000↑
○You will find it easier to get AS as  the event goes on, because the BOSSES levels become higher and give more AS.

=====The Fantasica Chronicles 2=====

Guild Battle Guide

●Choosing the right GUILD is the most important thing in GUILD Battles
●Players form GUILDS and have 35 battles in total
●There are 6 types of REWARDS, and RARE CARDS(4*/5*/6*)  are only rewarded as Victory Count Reward, Individual GP Reward and GP Ranking; the first way to earn the  6* card sounds easier than the other two
●Victory Count Rewards: 4*(10W/35T=29%); 5*(18/35=51%); 6*(23/35=65%); 7*(29/35=83%); so you need to win two-thirds to get a 6* card
●Save the best for last; losing the first few battles means that you will face weaker enemies
●Use potions instead of special items in first few battles; save them for the last battles

●Battles can be divided into 3 phrases: BEGINNING(first 5 minutes), COURSE(5-50min), ENDING(50-60min)
●Members should be divided into 3 categories: ATTACKERS CANNONERS and DEFENDERS.
●Members are free to choose which positions they hold, depending the situation of the battlefield and their strengths

●At the BEGINNING of the battle, try your best to attack
●If enemy DEFENSE is far stronger than your ATTACK, then turn to DEFENSE or CANON
●If enermy DEFENSE is DOWN, do not hesitate to ATTACK even more, and even with potions/items
●Stop attacking when your GP is much higher than the enemy’s, at least 300,000+ more, and 500,000+ more is possible
●Both ATTACKERS and DEFENDERS need to have strong units to fight
●CANNONERS: if members find thei

●ATTACK require 150AP for 5 units; and 30AP for 1 unit
●The score earn by ATTACKING depends on your units’ strength and enemy DEFENSE
●If you ATTACK enemy BASE directly, you earn the most score, around 25000GP to 30000GP for general players; and 50000GP for top players
●If you ATTACK and destroy enemy DEFENSE, you earn around 15000GP to 22000GP depending on how much harm your units receive
●If you ATTACK against enemy DEFENSE and win, but cannot destroy all enemy DEFENSE units, you earn around 10000GP to 18000GP
●If you ATTACK against enemy DEFENSE and loss, but some of your units still survive, you earn around 7000GP to 10000GP
●If you ATTACK against enemy DEFENSE and loss, and all you units are down, you earn around 5000GP to 7000GP
●Try your best to ATTACK with 5 unites, because it score more than ATTACKING separately; for ATTACKING BASE, it’s 30000GP vs 4000GPx5
●Each battle there are usually 3 chances when you can ATTACK enemy BASE directly, usually at around 5-15min, 25-35min, and 40-50min
●At the BEGINNING of the battle, try your best to attack
●If enemy DEFENSE is down, do not hesitate to ATTACK even with potions/items, unless your team GP is far higher than the enemy’s
●If enemy DEFENSE is much stronger than your ATTACK, turn to CANON or DEFENSE

●Around 300AP is needed to complete a CANON, and it may vary each time
●When a CANON fires, it may HIT (50000GP)(50%), MISS(0GP)(40%), or CRITICAL HIT(150000GP)(10%)
●But sometimes you get unlucky, and you may MISS 4 times out of 5
●CANON require 300AP and score 35000GP each time on average, and the score fluctuate
●ATTACK require 150AP and score depending on your units’ strength and enemy DEFENSE, ATTACKING BASE score around 30000GP for general players
●CONCLUSION: Even your ATTACK score less than 17500GP, you should go away and try to fire CANON instead
●CANON has another use: to gather 2* units for ENHANCING, but it scores less GP less attacking enemy BASE

●Never let you DEFENSE down, unless your team has given up the battle
●DEFENSE do not score any GP nominally, but can make your enemy score far less GP
●If your enemy score 30000GP attacking your BASE, and only score 10000GP if you defend, you “earn” 20000GP actually
●DEFEND when your team’s DEFENSE is down or nearly down
●DEFEND equals SWITCH and HEAL; try your best to have 5 healthy units in DEFENSE by SWITCHING, and heal if all units are down

●If DefUp 24DEF=3600AP/150(HEAL)=ENEMY-48W
●If DefDn 24ATK=3600/150(ATK)=+60W
●IF ENEMY Def*4 4*5T+(3600-750)/150*25T=50W
●IF ENEMY Def*8 8*5T+(3600-1500)/150*25T=40W
∵ATK>DEF @ EM-Def=4

玩家自行或隨機組建公會(Guild),再進行一連7日、每日5場的公會團戰,合共35場。獲得獎勵共分為六種方式,稀有卡片的方法有三種,達到指定戰勝場數(Victory Count Reward)、達到指定公會點數(Guild Points)、以及公會點數排行(Ranking)。



Victory Count Rewards
10/35 = 29% 4*
18/35 = 51% 5*
23/35 = 65% 6*
29/35 = 83% 7*
Target 6* > 2/3Wins

Guild Point Rewards
75000000 GP = 2150000*35 = 240000*9*35

If DefUp 24DEF=3600AP/150(HEAL)=EM-48W
If DefDn 24ATK=3600/150(ATK)=+60W
IF EM-Def*4 4*5T+(3600-750)/150*25T=50W
IF EM-Def*8 8*5T+(3600-1500)/150*25T=40W
∵ATK>DEF @ EM-Def=4

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